Yoga Classes

Happy Hippie Studios’ goal is to make yoga available for each and every person out there. The practice of yoga does not discriminate against age, gender, or skill level! Our studio is all-inclusive; whether this is the first yoga class you have taken or you have been practicing for years, we would love to have you join our yoga community! Our Studio seeks to bring together physical, emotional, and mental health. Come flow in downtown Clay Center.

Sweat & Destress

Need a good workout to start your day? We’ve got you covered! Expect to move through a vinyasa style class while holding poses longer to target large muscle groups! Come consistently to watch yourself GROW!

Slow Flow

We will work on matching breath to movement and work to improve core strength and flexibility. This class will connect you to your inner truth and show you the power of new beginnings! If you want to lay the groundwork for your practice, this is the class for you!

Restorative Yoga

We will work to calm both the body and mind through supported and propped asanas (poses). This class can help reduce stress, ease anxiety, and improve sleeping habits. Though you may walk into the practice with a hazy head, expect to leave with new heights of mental clarity. All levels!

Sunrise Yoga

Get up and move with the sun! This yoga class focuses on sequential asanas that are meant to awaken your body and strengthen your practice. Moving through this flow will not only get you ready to take on the day with a positive attitude but will also create mindfulness and improve strength and flexibility. All levels.

Power Flow

By Combining breath and movement, this power flow will get you moving and make you break a sweat through the sequential flow of asanas (poses). This flow is meant to make you feel powerful and capable on and off the mat. This is a faster flowing class, though modifications and props will be offered. 

Yoga Workout

Are you ready to move? This class will move you through a series of fast-paced asanas combined with breath and small movements to help build muscle all over the body. No yoga experience necessary, just get ready to MOVE and STRENGTHEN!

Stretch & Destress

Begin your day with this slow and stretchy 45 minute class. All levels are welcome. Release that lactic acid build up and prepare the mind and body for the weekend!

Kid's Yoga

This yoga class is for ages 7 and below and an adult. We will move through beginner and child-friendly poses with playful cues. This will teach your child (and YOU) the foundations of yoga. Grow you and your child’s bond by experiencing the positive benefits of yoga together.