Pain Relief in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Therapeutic massage is an important part of health and wellness. Some benefits of massage may include physical and mental relaxation, improved circulation, increased flexibility, and relief of aches and pains. Massage sessions are the full advertised length and are scheduled by appointment. 

  • 1 hour massage $75

    Sixty minutes of body work devoted to your personal needs. Whether your goal is pain relief or a massage to relax the mind and body this massage will be tailored to your needs.

  • 90 minute massage $110

    A 90 minute massage is a wonderful treatment to add to your self care routine. 90 minutes of body work allows for time to be spent on one or two problem areas as well as deliver a relaxing stress relieving massage. This massage will include deep or lighter pressure to address your needs.

  • 2 hour massage $150

    Two hour massage is thorough full body treatment with plenty of time to spend on the whole body. Several problem areas can be addressed with plenty of time for relaxing work or the whole time could be used for relaxing massage. Two hours allows time for stretching if desired and extra time to be spent on the entire body. Deep or lighter pressure can be used to address your needs.

  • Couples Session $190

    Includes a 60 minute massage and 60 minute sauna session for two, a $240 value.

  • Deep Hydrating Body Wrap $80

    This wrap begins with a gentle full body exfoliation. Then a moisture-binding emollient for skin in need of deep, lasting hydration and protection is applied and allowed to absorb into your skin. This wrap intensifies hydration, enhances skin defenses, and moisturizes even the most damaged skin.

  • Back Scrub $20

    Gentle exfoliation followed by a rich finishing balm that soaks into your skin to provide a silky moisturizing treatment for the hard to reach back area.

  • Ear Candling $30

    Ear candling is a relaxing, soothing experience. It is a process where heated air is channeled into the outer ear canal. The main purpose is to help soften hardened and impacted ear wax. Ear Candling benefits are usually seen 2 to 3 days after the session. Ear Candling may help vertigo, allergies, sinus conditions and headaches.

  • Moisturizing hand or foot treatment $15

    This moisturizing hand and foot treatment is a natural luxurious treatment using petroleum-free alternative to paraffin. With heat this eco friendly treatment delivers rich moisturizers that leave the skin soft and supple. A rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils will leave your hands and feet feeling restored.

  • Infrared Sauna Session Starting at $15

    45 min/ $45, 30 min/$30, 15 min/$15
    Some benefits that you may see from using the infrared sauna are immunity, detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, heart health, pain relief and anti-aging.

  • Two person Sauna Session Starting at $20

    45min/ $50, 30 min/$45, 15 min/$20
    Some benefits that you may see from using the infrared sauna are immunity, detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, heart health, pain relief and anti-aging.


Cupping and hot stones are included in each massage as needed or by request.

Sauna session, hand or foot treatment, or back scrub can be added for an additional charge.

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